Waste Management Solutions


Comprehensive Green Maritime
Waste Management Expertise

TGM’s focus is on maintaining
the highest standards, while providing
customers with complete documentation and realtime analysis on offloaded

With a constantly growing network of waste disposal companies in ports all over the world TGM is able to arrange disposal of all kinds of waste streams including hazardous material.

• Sludge Disposal

• Garbage Disposal

• Special Waste

• Slop Disposal

• Sewage Disposal

• Disposal of exhaust gas cleaning
residues/ Scrubber sludge

• Debunkering

Why choose TGM?

Ability to provide multiple services out of one location and thus clients only have to reachout to one company.

Worldwide presence, which enables to service partners within similar time zones as well as provide a high-level global support while adapting the strategies locally.

Cost-effective disposal for clients’ fleet by preparation of a customized offload strategy according to ship’s schedule for all waste streams generate donboard.

Commitment to leveraging digitalization and finding innovative and cost-effective solutions whilst responding to environmental, regulatory, and public pressures.

Experienced team ensures 24/7-hour service, which is tailored to the needs of each client.